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To be smart in a complex and dynamic world, we need to be wild, free, unbounded. To achieve results, we need to take action, to make decisions, to guess. I want to create AI-powered algorithms that take such a wild guess.

Data is the new oil
Machine learning is the new combustion engine

A journey to understand what is behind that sentence. This site wants to tackle this challenging trip with you to investigate the main and most successful ideas and concepts in that field and how to apply them to the most interesting applications I am currently working on. Society-wise, I see a lots of opportunities for us to impact in the near future. Let’s dive in!

What inspires me

Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer.
Art is everything else we do. - Donald Knuth
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. - Stephen Hawking

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What is it about?


Our entire human race is built on top of transportation, either of people and of freight. But we are facing tough challenges due to air pollution and climate change. We need to keeping innovating to build new vehicle and infrastructure concepts.


Natural language understanding

Machine are achieving great results in several compelling tasks, even with greater accuracy than the human counterpart. But they are still far away from being able of fully understanding the semantics behind our natural language that we daily speak.


Human-machine interaction

We say that machines will take place of currently human-held job positions. But a different point of view could be that machine will take over some tasks that we care less about and we create new ways of communicating to and interacting with.


Knowledge extraction

There is huge amount of human-generated content out there. Just think about Wikipedia. One major issue with that content is how it is organized and structured. There is no schema. Structured knowledge is mandatory when deep and extensive analysis are needed to be run at large scale.


Algorithm development (machine learning)

How can a machine perform tough tasks with great accuracy? It employs an algorithm (a bunch of operations over some data). Where does this algorithm come from? Can we write down high-complexity and nested algorithms? Of course we can, but what about a machine that can figure it out by itself? A machine that can learn how to write that algorithm to become great at a specific task. Then we only need to give the general instructions to the machine to learn, we need to write the algorithm that helps the machine to learn its own algorithm to perform one or more tasks. Amazing, isn't it?



Two steps are required to develop everything in this site. Concept development and coding. Coding is about defining the set of instructions we want to give to the machine with a machine/readable language, i.e., a programming language. When we code, we should always have in mind that first we want to achieve the final target and then we want to do it in an efficient way. The machine will execute your instructions, but it will require time and space. We do not want to wait for the machine to translate your sentence to English in one minute, we do not want our laptop or smartphone to freeze when we search for the closest restaurant. Whenever there is a better way to accomplish one task, implement that one.


Data visualization

Data is the new oil. It means there is some huge potential inside that we might wish to extract. But data is impossible to digest for humans, even when it is stored in a human-readable format. We want to see through the data, capture insights that could help us take the right decision. We want to transform our data and visualize it.


What drives me

What drives me to run this platform and to embark on this new adventure



My passion for understanding dynamics of complex systems and current technology



My internal drive to keep learning and growing up by exploring new concepts



My personal belief that a multitude of different, advanced but affordable tools lets us take challenging but tempting real-word problems and convert to society-oriented applications.


Community sharing

I have learnt a lot from a vast community of people that share ideas, algorithms and code solutions everywhere. I would like to give my contribution back to a growing community of passionate developers and innovation-driven entrepreneurs. It will also be a great opportunity for me to improve and deeply understand the topics I care about.