1. Cons-side

It has been a long time since I felt a strong desire to start my own blog. It would have covered several topics and fields because I was learning different subjects of the scientific world along the way that started at the end of my high school and went through years of education at the university. Maths, physics, mechanical engineering, computer science, just to name a few. But, and this is or at least was a big but, I was too shy and insecure to start and face my internal emotional storm that was occurring between my pro- and cons- sides.

Until recently, my cons-side has won, badly. Thoughts such as:

Too many people are already talking about your ideas and topics, with a proper language, being also native English speakers.

Too way better content and effectiveness that you cannot cope with.

You have been struggling during your high-school time in your own native language literature.

You are really that bold and arrogant to start writing in a different language.

You are far too young to claim you might have something to teach, or at least to say, while you should stay focused and keep learning.

have ruled and controlled my mind, as each and every spark to finally take action or some early-stage attempts to build a real thing have been dramatically shut down.

2. Pro-side

Then, something has happened, some magic trick that triggered my pro-side to take over and start ruling the brain.

Life is an experiment (quote from one close friend of mine) and you might luckily cross your life with someone else’s life. At that intersection, he/she could be prone to teach you some, even without being precisely aware of that or entitled to. You do want then to be keen to open your ears and let your mind be reactive to incoming hints. You apply some algorithm-ish method to learn. You collect data from people, you clean, organize and pre-process it to have only the content that you value to be worthy and start the hardest and longest process of all, learning from it to adapt yourself to new situations.

You end up with new ideas, such as:

Nobody would and could ever start doing anything if not-being in the top part of the ranking were a limit.

Learn-by-doing is the new motto.

How can you fluently speak a new language if you don’t ever give it a try.

You will learn a lot from writing your own blog that you end up focusing on teaching yourself rather than other people.

that will be stuck in your mind if you really want.

3. Let’s get started

You need to actuate an inception to yourself and prove that the new idea is as resilient and highly contagious as a virus.

At the end of this process, the resulting idea is to discover and understand the beauty of mathematics and what can be achieved on top of it in terms of practical applications that could be useful and interesting now or in the near future.

I am thrilled, excited and restless to embark on this new challenging journey and to share this experience and experiment with you all.